Nicolette Stoltze is a qualified jeweller.
Award-winning and graduated from The Institute of Fine Metals, Copenhagen. Nicolette represents crafted luxury jewellery in cutting edge design. Making no compromises in quality, her significant style is characterized by timelessness and simplicity.

Nicolette has a unique sense of form, design and colour palette. The jewellery is made with the greatest love and true passion for gems, finish and detail, making the jewellery appear classic, and yet avantgarde.

With genuine affection, Nicolette is working with pure gold, sparkling diamonds and precious stones. Since she opened her salon in Copenhagen in 2000, her customers have been taken by storm by her jewellery design. Her timeless pieces are worn by a demanding, international clientele.

You are welcome to meet her personally at Camilla S and Stoltze on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. At the same time, take the opportunity to see her salon partner, Camilla S’s tailor-made and beautiful design.